9 Metre Waterfed Pole Kit


This 9 metre watefed pole kit contains all the elements you need to clean windows up to 9 metres using reverse osmosis water. In this kit we supply your, 

  • 9 Metre fibreglass Waterfed Pole complete with Brush and 20 metres of hose
  • 15 litre Waterfed Pole Pump Complete With Charger
  • 198 Litre Per Day Reverse Osmosis Plant Complete With Filters.

With this kit you will be able to setup and start running within a few hours. Perfect for cleaning solar panels or hard to reach windows. The pole and pump are designed to work as a unit. The Reverse Osmosis unit is designed to connect to a tap and will filter water to fill a holding tank, the RO water can then be decanted to the mobile 15litre pump.  We generally always have stock.

What else do you need to get started

  • You will need a water tank or flowbin to hold the water that you are filtering.
  • You will also need a few 25 litre containers to carry water to the job site.

Instructions On Setting Up

When you get your kit there are a few things you need to do.

  • Plug in charger and put backpack on charge.
  • Reverse Osmosis system has 1 input and 2 outputs. Plug your hosepipe from the municipal water supply into the input gardiner fitting.
  • Take a look at the 2 outputs, the blue output is your Reverse Osmosis/demineralised water that you will keep for cleaning, the red or yellow output is the waste/mineralised water that you will discard.

More Information

  • On average it takes between 5 to 10 litres of water to clean a solar panel depending on how dirty the panel is and how big the panel is.
  • The packpack can be worn on your back but more realistically you will place the backpack on the ground next to you.
  • The 20 metres of extra hose allow you to work effectively while the backpack is stationary on the ground.

How To Use This Kit Effectively

This kit is a cost effective and effective way to get started with your window cleaning and solar cleaning. The Reverse Osmosis Plant is designed to be stationary and produce water at your factory or at home. The base model makes 200 litres of reverse osmosis water per 24 hours If that is not sufficient, we do offer a 1000 litre per 24 hour Reverse Osmosis upgrade. We recommend running the plant to fill your flowbin before the project starts. The next phase would be to decant the water into 25litre containers to take to site, this allows you flexibility over having all the water in one main tank in the vehicle.


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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Keshni Govender 02/04/2024

I recently purchased the Window Washing Telepole, and I must say, it's a game-changer! As someone who's always struggled with cleaning high windows, this product has made the task effortless. The delivery was prompt, and the quality of the telepole exceeded my expectations. Now, I can maintain sparkling clean windows without any hassle. Highly recommended!

Brandon October 26/12/2023

Exceptional service from Window Washing! Not only did they deliver promptly, but they also went above and beyond to replace a faulty bucket without any hassle. Highly impressed with their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Maretjie Straus 26/03/2024

Window Washing's kit has transformed my window cleaning routine. It's efficient, easy to use, and delivers exceptional results. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

Ayanda Ntuli 26/01/2024

Highly satisfied with my Window Washing purchase! The equipment is top-notch, and the delivery was speedy. Now, I can keep my windows sparkling clean with ease. Would definitely purchase from them again!

Bulelani Dlamini 21/02/2024

I'm thrilled with my purchase from Window Washing! The delivery was quick, and I was able to start cleaning my windows right away. Now, reaching all my double-storey windows is a breeze. Highly satisfied!

Thulisile Zulu 07/03/2024

Window Washing has been a game-changer for our cleaning business. The basic window cleaning kits we ordered are of top-notch quality, and our team now has the tools they need to deliver exceptional results. Highly recommended for businesses!

Thabo Moloi 03/04/2024

Just received my Window Washing Telepole and it's fantastic! Cleaning high windows is now a breeze without the need for a ladder. The delivery was prompt, and the telepole feels sturdy and well-made. Definitely worth every cent!

Siyabonga Mokoena 11/07/2022

My window cleaning chores have been made so much easier since I got my Window Cleaning Telepole in my kit. I can now clean those hard-to-reach high windows without needing a ladder. Delivery was smooth and within the time promised. Also, the telepole is sturdy and well made, worth every rand. Excellent product from Window Washing.

Lungile Khumalo 15/01/2023

Absolutely a game changer! The traditional window cleaning kit from Window Washing has made my cleaning days a breeze. I'm particularly impressed with the quality of the squeegee and the washer. They work wonders on my large windows. The delivery was also quick, got my kit within 3 days of ordering. Great product, I highly recommend.

Bongani Mkhize 26/05/2023

I recently bought the Fibreglass Pole from Window Washing and I'm very impressed. It's light and easy to handle, plus the de-ionizing resin works great. The service was prompt, I received my pole within 4 working days. Highly recommended.