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What is a Window Cleaning Squeegee?

A window cleaning squeegee is a tool used to remove water, dirt, and debris from windows. It consists of a handle with a rubber blade attached. The rubber blade is moved across the surface of the window, removing water and dirt as it goes.

Window cleaning squeegees are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the type of window being cleaned. The most common type of squeegee is the T-bar squeegee, which has a T-shaped handle that makes it easy to grip and control.

No matter what type of window you need to clean, there is a squeegee that is designed for the job. Whether you are cleaning your home windows or the windows of a high-rise building, a squeegee can make the job much easier and faster.

Here at Window Washing we sell window cleaning squeegee’s in 3 main sizes. 45cm, 35cm and any custom size you need under 35cm. 

In the video below, we go through how the window squeegee and washer or applicator is used to clean a window. In the video you also see Luke using a telepole to clean some of the higher glass, notice that the washer and the squeegee are interchangeable and can fit onto the pole and also be used by hand.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Siyabonga Mokoena 11/07/2022

My window cleaning chores have been made so much easier since I got my Window Cleaning Telepole in my kit. I can now clean those hard-to-reach high windows without needing a ladder. Delivery was smooth and within the time promised. Also, the telepole is sturdy and well made, worth every rand. Excellent product from Window Washing.

Lungile Khumalo 15/01/2023

Absolutely a game changer! The traditional window cleaning kit from Window Washing has made my cleaning days a breeze. I'm particularly impressed with the quality of the squeegee and the washer. They work wonders on my large windows. The delivery was also quick, got my kit within 3 days of ordering. Great product, I highly recommend.

Bongani Mkhize 26/05/2023

I recently bought the Fibreglass Pole from Window Washing and I'm very impressed. It's light and easy to handle, plus the de-ionizing resin works great. The service was prompt, I received my pole within 4 working days. Highly recommended.

Thabelo Bvumba 11/06/2022

Excellent quality waterfed poles, the squeegee and washer kits are easy to use and built to last.

Linda Scholts 09/04/2022

Love my window cleaning kit, ordered online and had my kit delivered to my home in East London within a few days. Started using it and I can now reach all my double storey windows with ease.

Thumi Ntokoso 05/17/2021

I bought 4 basic window cleaning kits for our cleaning business here in KZN, very happy with the quality and the fact that my guys have decent equipment to get the job done right.

Dirk Claasen 11/06/2021

Excellent product, if you need to clean your double-story windows then try the 6 meter kit. For the price its amazing how I've been able to clean all my high windows easily and thoroughly. Highly recommended for homeowners.

Maretjie Straus 11/11/2021

Very pleased with my kit. There was a delay with the courier but otherwise, I am happy. Staff were very professional.

Keshni Govender 11/16/2021

Very happy, got delivery to Durban in under a week. I can now see out my windows again:)

Philip Odendaal 07/16/2021

Excellent service, happy to help, speedy delivery to my address. My bucket was broken and Luke replaced it no questions asked.