Window Squeegee South Africa

Window Squeegee South Africa

Are you looking to do your own window cleaning? Let us help you get kitted out with professional window cleaning equipment so that you can have clean glass at the fraction of the cost. We offer traditional professional window cleaning supplies and training for whoever will be cleaning your windows. Perhaps you’re looking for a telescopic window cleaning kit we offer telescopic window cleaning poles, window squeegee’s to South Africa.If so, you know where to look.

How do we ship our products?

We use Postnet as our shipping company, so when you order you receive a tracking ID xxxx xxx xxxx which you will be able to use to track the progress of your shipment.

You will find our products below.

Window Cleaning Squeegees

Window Cleaning Squeegee 35 cm R262.00ea complete

Window Cleaning Squeegee 45 cm R285.00ea complete

Window Washer

35cm window washer R266.00ea complete with sleeve

45cm window washer R284.00ea complete with sleeve

Telescopic Window Cleaning Pole

Telepole 2x125mm Total Length Fully Extended is 2.125m R428.00ea complete

Telepole 2x2m Total Length Fully Extended is 4m R533.00ea complete

Telepole 2x3m Total Length Fully Extended is 5m R707.00ea complete

Telepole 3×1.5m Total Length Fully Extended is 4.5m R751.00ea complete

Telepole 3x3m Total Length Fully Extended is 6m R850.00ea complete

Window Cleaning Kit

Our window cleaning kits are designed to give you an all in one package for less of the price.

what is in our cleaning kit?

1x 35cm Squeegee and Pullex rubber

Image result for 35cm Squeegee and Pulex rubber

1x 35cm pullex T-bar and sleeve

1 x telepole 2×2 metres

1 x crank joint for hard to reach area’s 

1 x scraper with fitting onto pole.


professional window cleaning kit

 Please place order via email and we will confirm shipping once order is confirmed.

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 Free State,





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