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Whether you’re a cleaning company, garden service, or property management company, our water fed pole system can help you better serve your customers. With our easy to use Reverse Osmosis Systems to our high quality waterfed poles, you can quickly and easily clean windows of all sizes. Our window cleaning pole system is perfect for any business in the home or building maintenance industry. So why wait? Get started today and see the difference our system can make for your business!

Below you have the choice to buy either the 6 or 9 metre waterfed poles, in order for the system to work properly you will need to purchase the waterfed pole, the pump and the RO system as well. Once ordered, we will include all fittings to make sure the system is operational.

Pure Water Technology

Pure water cleaning technology is a cleaning method that uses pure water to remove dirt, chemicals and minerals from surfaces.

The pure water once purified through a reverse osmosis filter, acts like a sponge, absorbing all the unwanted material and leaving the surface clean and streak-free, with this method, the user is able to clean in all the little nooks and crannies of window frames and glass.

This method of cleaning is perfect for windows, as the pure water dries quickly and leaves no streaks or residue behind. Pure water technology is a safe and effective way to keep your windows clean and sparkling clean.

Aluminum Pole. Pole comes with the following.


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Fibreglass Pole. Pole comes with the following.


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Closes to 2 metres and opens to 9 metres

Fibreglass Pole. Pole comes with the following.


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Reverse osmosis system complete with filters and pump. can produce 198 Litres of pure “Reverse Omosis” water per 24 hour day. Designed to be stationary and connect to a 220 volt power source.


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Battery Powered Mobile Pole Waterfed Pump

This waterfed pump runs on a battery and is light enough to be carried along as you clean. The battery lasts for 7 hours on a full charge. With 15 litres of water this pump will use up all the water within 30 minutes.


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This 6 metre watefed pole kit contains all the elements you need to clean windows up to 6 metres using reverse osmosis water. In this kit we supply your,

6 Metre Aluminium Waterfed Pole complete with Brush

Waterfed Pole Pump Complete With Charger

198 Litre Per Day Reverse Osmosis Plant Complete With Filters.

With this kit you will be able to setup and start running within a few hours. Perfect for cleaning solar panels.

R12 170.00

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This 9 metre watefed pole kit contains all the elements you need to clean windows up to 9 metres using reverse osmosis water. In this kit we supply your,

9 Metre Aluminium Waterfed Pole complete with Brush

Waterfed Pole Pump Complete With Charger

198 Litre Per Day Reverse Osmosis Plant Complete With Filters.

With this kit you will be able to setup and start running within a few hours. Perfect for cleaning solar panels.

R13 890.00

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Small, lightweight and easily maneuverable  The Window Washing 3 stage trolley may be small but it packs a punch. The entire system can reach up to three floors without the use of batteries by utilizing municipal water pressure in combination with water fed poles! This makes this unit extremely versatile. This unit can produce from 4 to 6 litres of water per minute depending on water pressure and amount of poles connected. Designed to run one or two poles at once.  

This Trolley includes the following items

1 x Mild steel trolley mat black complete with rubber wheels

1 x RO Membrane

2 x Prefilter membranes and housings

Associated fittings. The trolley is designed to plug onto your municipal tap and then run one or two waterfed poles.

R14 830.00

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At first glance, water may appear to be a simple and innocuous substance. However, when used in solar panel cleaning with a waterfed pole system, deionised or demineralised water is essential for ensuring the effectiveness of the cleaning process. It is therefore important to understand what this type of purified water actually is and how it can be made.
Deionised or demineralised water is created by passing regular tap water through an ion exchange filter which removes any mineral ions present in the liquid. This makes it different from distilled water as no boiling takes place during its production; instead, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium are removed via chemical processes such as reverse osmosis filtration. The result is an ultra-pure form of H2O that has many applications due to its lack of impurities. As well as being used in solar panel cleaning systems with a WaterFed Pole setup, deionised water also finds use in laboratory settings where high levels of purity are required for accurate results.
The process for creating deionised or demineralised water requires special equipment but isn't particularly difficult once all the components have been sourced. With the right materials on hand like our Reverse Osmosis systems above anyone can create their own supply of ultra-pure H2O suitable for industrial cleaning purposes like those associated with Solar Panel Cleaning using a WaterFed Pole System.

The use of a waterfed system for cleaning is becoming increasingly popular in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Waterfed systems are particularly suited to cleaning hard surfaces such as glass, concrete, brick or stone walls and floors. These types of surfaces can be difficult to clean with traditional methods due to their rough texture and high porosity.
Given that they operate at relatively low pressure, waterfed systems do not damage delicate surfaces like marble or granite while providing an effective means of removing dirt and debris. In addition, they allow users to access areas which may otherwise be inaccessible due to height restrictions or obstructions. The ability to adjust the flow rate and nozzle angle also allows for precise control over the cleaning process. Furthermore, water fed systems tend to leave surfaces dryer than other methods because most of the liquid used is either filtered out or dissipated back into the environment without leaving any residue behind.
Waterfed systems offer numerous advantages when it comes to cleaning hard surfaces both inside and outside buildings. Not only are they safe, efficient and environmentally friendly but they also require minimal setup time compared with more traditional methods such as steam cleaners or power washers.

Waterfed systems provide a number of environmental benefits, making them an attractive option for cleaning many surfaces. These systems are capable of providing efficient and effective surface cleaning with minimal water usage and no need for chemical solutions. In this section, we will explore the various environmental benefits associated with using a waterfed system:
Firstly, waterfed systems use significantly less water than traditional cleaning methods. This is beneficial as it reduces strain on local water supplies and may reduce costs associated to obtaining or maintaining access to that supply. Additionally, there is little or no risk of wastewater runoff due to the closed-loop nature of these systems; meaning any greywater produced during the process can be safely collected and reused in other areas.
In addition to being more economical with water usage, these systems also offer practicality when dealing with hazardous materials. Cleaning agents such as bleach and detergents can cause harm both environmentally and to human health if not used properly. With a waterfed system however, cleaners are not needed at all; eliminating worries about proper disposal or potential damage caused by improper handling. Furthermore:
* Water fed poles minimize manual labor compared to traditional means of window cleaning
* They produce fewer emissions when compared to petrol driven pressure washers
* There is zero discharge because waste collection tanks collect all dirty water used in the process
The environment friendly approach makes waterfed systems ideal choices for those who wish to maintain cleanliness without compromising their commitment to sustainability goals. The ability to carry out complex tasks efficiently while preserving natural resources make these tools highly desirable in many different industries today.

Waterfed pole systems are a type of window cleaning system that use purified water to clean glass surfaces. The poles used in these systems are typically made from lightweight aluminum or carbon fiber, and they feature telescopic extensions that allow the user to reach heights up to around 65 feet. Water is pumped through the pole at high pressure, which helps remove dirt and debris more effectively than traditional methods. This type of system has become increasingly popular due to its efficiency and convenience.

Due to their ability to reach great heights with relative ease, waterfed poles can be used on buildings of any size, including residential properties as well as commercial establishments such as office blocks and shopping centers. In addition, these systems offer many benefits over manual window cleaning methods; for example, they reduce ladder usage and eliminate the need for dangerous maneuvers when cleaning windows located at difficult-to-reach areas. Furthermore, using purified water means no streaks or smears are left behind after the job is done.
All things considered, waterfed poles provide an effective solution for those looking for fast and efficient ways to clean glass surfaces without putting themselves in harm's way. Consequently, this technology continues to gain popularity among both professional window cleaners and DIYers alike.

Actions speak louder than words." This proverb applies to the use of waterfed poles in various applications. Waterfed pole systems are designed for outdoor cleaning and provide an effective way of reaching areas that are otherwise difficult to access, such as windows on high-rise buildings or hard-to-reach places on facades. They can also be used to remove dirt, dust and algae from surfaces without using any chemicals. Additionally, these poles can be used for irrigation purposes and have been found to improve crop yields significantly when compared with traditional methods.

Waterfed poles offer a wide range of advantages over manual cleaning techniques including greater safety, increased efficiency and reduced time spent on the job. For instance, they reduce the need for ladders or scaffolding while providing better reach allowing operators to work in a more comfortable environment with less risk of injury. Furthermore, they require no additional equipment which saves both space and money by eliminating the need for costly machinery like pressure washers or steam cleaners. Lastly, their portability makes them ideal for use in remote locations where other types of cleaning tools would not be practical.

In sum, waterfed poles represent an efficient solution for many different tasks due to their versatility, cost effectiveness and ease of use. Their ability to provide fast results with minimal effort make them indispensable components within the cleaning industry today.

Waterfed poles, typically used in window cleaning, are composed of several components that combine to create a tool for the job. For example, an industrial-grade waterfed pole will usually consist of a base handle and multiple telescopic sections made from aluminum or carbon fiber. These sections can be extended and collapsed as needed by twisting them together or apart. Additionally, other pieces such as brushes, squeegees and even sprayers may be attached at various points on the pole depending on its intended use.

At the top end of the pole is where the most important component comes into play - the brush head, which is connected to a hose via quick release fittings. This assembly allows fresh water to travel up through the pole and out through jets located in the brush head. The operator then uses this stream of water to clean surfaces such as windows with ease and efficiency. With all these components combined correctly, a professional window cleaner has access to one of the tools necessary for their trade.

The maintenance requirements for waterfed poles are generally minimal, and include regular cleaning, lubrication of moving parts, checking the brushes, and inspecting the head assembly. Proper maintenance helps to ensure that a pole is reliable and extends its working life. It is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully as they will provide detailed advice on how often certain components should be checked or replaced.

Waterfed poles are a common tool used to clean windows and glass surfaces, but they can also lead to some technical issues. According to the International Window Cleaners Association, approximately 60% of waterfed pole owners experience at least one issue during their lifetime with their equipment. This article will discuss troubleshooting common problems with such poles.

The most frequent issue is blockages in the hose or seals that prevent proper flow of solution or water; this can be caused by debris within the system or improper maintenance. To identify these kinds of problems, check if there is any resistance when pushing out fluid from the brush head as well as if there is adequate pressure coming from the pump itself. If either of those two things are not present, it could indicate a blockage somewhere along the line which needs to be cleared manually. Additionally, inspect for any cracks or tears in the hosing itself; often times these can be fixed using appropriate tapes but significant damage may require replacement parts.

Another potential cause for malfunctioning poles is loose connections between components; typically caused by vibrations over extended periods of time. The easiest way to diagnose this problem is simply disconnecting each component and reconnecting them again firmly before testing functionality once more. This process should resolve any connection-related issues on its own unless an actual defect exists in one or multiple pieces of hardware which would need professional attention then.

Water is a symbol of life; it sustains us, nourishes our body and soul, and provides the necessary conditions for all living organisms to thrive. But what if water could do more than that? Can this essential element become an efficient tool for cleaning windows in commercial buildings? The answer lies in understanding how a water fed system works.

A water fed system is one of the most advanced yet economical window cleaning techniques available today. This method uses purified water which has been filtered through reverse osmosis or deionization processes, then transported up to reachable heights via specialized poles made from fiberglass or carbon fiber. These systems provide many benefits over traditional methods such as ladders or lifts since they are much safer to use while providing superior results when compared to using soap and detergents on glass surfaces.

The purpose of this article is to explore the fundamentals of a water fed system in order to understand the technology behind its efficiency as well as assess its implications on modern day window cleaning operations. To begin exploring these questions we must first delve into the process by which these systems work, beginning with their components before examining their application at different sites across various industries.

In the same way water sustains life, a Water Fed System (WFS) can sustain the health of buildings and their inhabitants. This innovative technology not only offers environmental benefits but also provides cost savings. Installing WFS is an excellent choice for many reasons.

As its name suggests, this system works by using purified water to clean windows on commercial or residential properties. By taking advantage of gravity, the pure water is delivered directly to poles attached to telescopic handles with brushes at one end that scrub off dirt from surfaces as it flows through them. The result is perfectly cleaned glass without any residue or streaks—no chemicals needed!

Unlike traditional window cleaning methods, WFS significantly reduces labor costs while ensuring superior results in less time. Furthermore, the absence of chemicals eliminates potential damage to both property and environment during and after cleaning when compared to other techniques such as pressure washing. In addition, since no tools are necessary for installation besides a connection point for hosepipe access, there are minimal setup expenses involved in getting started with this method.

Not only does WFS provide better quality cleaning than ordinary methods; it also helps cut down on waste resulting from chemical use and frequent disposal of dirty supplies like ladders and buckets. In short, installing a Water Fed System gives you all the advantages associated with modern green technologies: improved efficiency, greater safety standards and economic savings over time -all while helping protect our planet's fragile ecosystems.

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I recently purchased the Window Washing Telepole, and I must say, it's a game-changer! As someone who's always struggled with cleaning high windows, this product has made the task effortless. The delivery was prompt, and the quality of the telepole exceeded my expectations. Now, I can maintain sparkling clean windows without any hassle. Highly recommended!

Brandon October 26/12/2023

Exceptional service from Window Washing! Not only did they deliver promptly, but they also went above and beyond to replace a faulty bucket without any hassle. Highly impressed with their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Maretjie Straus 26/03/2024

Window Washing's kit has transformed my window cleaning routine. It's efficient, easy to use, and delivers exceptional results. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

Ayanda Ntuli 26/01/2024

Highly satisfied with my Window Washing purchase! The equipment is top-notch, and the delivery was speedy. Now, I can keep my windows sparkling clean with ease. Would definitely purchase from them again!

Bulelani Dlamini 21/02/2024

I'm thrilled with my purchase from Window Washing! The delivery was quick, and I was able to start cleaning my windows right away. Now, reaching all my double-storey windows is a breeze. Highly satisfied!

Thulisile Zulu 07/03/2024

Window Washing has been a game-changer for our cleaning business. The basic window cleaning kits we ordered are of top-notch quality, and our team now has the tools they need to deliver exceptional results. Highly recommended for businesses!

Thabo Moloi 03/04/2024

Just received my Window Washing Telepole and it's fantastic! Cleaning high windows is now a breeze without the need for a ladder. The delivery was prompt, and the telepole feels sturdy and well-made. Definitely worth every cent!

Siyabonga Mokoena 11/07/2022

My window cleaning chores have been made so much easier since I got my Window Cleaning Telepole in my kit. I can now clean those hard-to-reach high windows without needing a ladder. Delivery was smooth and within the time promised. Also, the telepole is sturdy and well made, worth every rand. Excellent product from Window Washing.

Lungile Khumalo 15/01/2023

Absolutely a game changer! The traditional window cleaning kit from Window Washing has made my cleaning days a breeze. I'm particularly impressed with the quality of the squeegee and the washer. They work wonders on my large windows. The delivery was also quick, got my kit within 3 days of ordering. Great product, I highly recommend.

Bongani Mkhize 26/05/2023

I recently bought the Fibreglass Pole from Window Washing and I'm very impressed. It's light and easy to handle, plus the de-ionizing resin works great. The service was prompt, I received my pole within 4 working days. Highly recommended.